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Sep 12, 201409:40 AMAn Element of Style

An Autumnal Transition

Sep 12, 2014 - 09:40 AM
An Autumnal Transition


            ‘Tis the month of September. This time of year guarantees that every fashion magazine and blog produces an uncanny amount of content regarding the transition from summer to fall and how we should likewise make a subtle evolution in the way we garb ourselves over the next few weeks. It’s as if every slightly yellowed or crumpled leaf whispers the silent message “transitional dressing” as it wilts from the tree and gently floats to the grass. As much as this fashion concept may be over used and over processed, the fact of the matter is that the weather indeed is changing every so slightly. Our wardrobes must follow suit, if not simply for reasons of practicality.


Autumn has always been my favorite season both in terms of weather and apparel. The warmly colored hues of the disintegrating foliage, the dappled sunlight glowing in the late afternoon and the nippy breezes put a spring in my step and inspiration in my mind. The following presents a conglomeration of the top three ways in which to most successfully achieve the concept of transitional dressing:


1.    Let your color palette evolve.

During this time of year, some days may be rather warm and feel more like summer instead of autumn. Sustain your cool-weather spirit by changing the colors that you wear. Instead of maintaining the pastel ice cream hues of summer, go for earth-tone shades. You can still wear lightweight garments appropriate for warm weather that hearken to the upcoming fall season. Brown, orange, rust, mustard yellow, teal and plum are all appropriate colors to wear during this time of year. What colors are the leaves, the sky, and the sunlight? Mother Nature demonstrates a heartfelt beauty, which we can mimic in the shades we wear.


2.    Layer…subtly.

As a self-confessed coat fetishist, I find it increasingly difficult to resist donning my favorite winter coat during this time of year. Although it may be tempting to break out your favorite outerwear duds, the practicality of such garments is not yet feasible. The changing weather throughout the day and the late night coolness calls for a chic leather jacket or wrap sweater, not a full-length fur coat. Wear something that’s made out of flexible material, so you can easily stow it in your purse if it gets too warm outside. My personal favorite piece of transitional outwear that I own is a 1970s vintage patchwork leather blazer. It’s actually menswear, and the fit is roomy enough to accommodate a long-sleeved shirt or light sweater. The patchwork colors are deep brown and green, so it’s perfect for autumn.

3.    Accessorize, accessorize.

Accessories will always be your best friend. They are quite literally the little gems of fashion. Jewelry, scarves, hats, and bags are the icing on the cake of your outfit. Autumn is the perfect time to model these pieces; summer is often too hot to wear a ton of extra accessories. In the accessory department, texture is key in creating the most impact. Wrap yourself in strands of tribal beads, hand woven scarves, and fringe purses. Leather, tapestry, beadwork, lace and fringe are all beautiful materials that fit right in with the overall spirit of the season.


Utilize these tips to not only transition your wardrobe, but your overall spirit and attitude regarding the change in weather. The way we dress is always a reflection of how we feel inside. Every time of year possesses a unique beauty not found in any other season. Autumn is a time of majestic color and elusive splendor. The way you dress should speak the same.   

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