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Dec 12, 201211:31 AMCulture

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Local Author Believes Everyone Has a Story

Dec 12, 2012 - 11:31 AM
Local Author Believes Everyone Has a Story

The sky was overcast and a light mist was falling as I pulled onto the gravel road leading to the home above Marsh Creek outside of Gettysburg. I parked and made my way up the stone walk to the side door and rang the bell.

A large man in a red vest answered the door. Terry Woodson Burger boomed out a greeting and welcomed me into his home, the setting of his first book The Year of the Moon Goose.

Burger, known to his legion of fans as T.W. Burger, has been gracing area journals and newspapers with his own mix of wit, wisdom, and insight for the last three decades. Countless readers have been enthralled by his tales of the area around his home, and he has now collected these tales in book form.

Burger, who believes that "every person has a story" decided that the time was right to publish stories of his own in his first book.

Recently retired, his freelance work allowed him the time required to pore through hundreds of past articles and personal journal entries and condense them into a timeline that would span a single year. A unique concept, the combined essays begin in the dead of winter and take the reader on a trip around the sun as seen from the home on Marsh Creek.

"The art of writing isn't knowing what to include so much as knowing what to leave out." ~ T.W. Burger

Burger's years before entering the field of journalism were a hodgepodge of varied careers, including concrete worker, ambulance attendant, and assistant in a mortician shop. Born in Western Pennsylvania, Burger moved with his family to Athens, Georgia where he spent the next thirty years. Moving back to Pennsylvania in the mid-80s, he became a newspaper reporter, though he claims "I had no formal training in Journalism."

"Writing was something I was always able to do," states Burger, sitting comfortably in his book lined den.

Outside his window, squirrels cavorted in the front lawn, burying acorns and chasing each other through the damp grass.

"Some people can wiggle their ears; I can write."

"The art of writing isn't knowing what to include so much as knowing what to leave out. Removing content for an author is akin to shooting one's own child, but it is better that the writer do it than an editor." he adds.

Burger does an admirable job knowing what to include in his collection of essays.

The Year of the Moon Goose is an entertaining book, one that becomes an old friend as the chapters flow by - like Marsh Creek itself.

It is available in both softcover and eBook from Amazon.com.

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