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Mar 26, 201302:59 PMCulture

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Two is Better Than One

Mar 26, 2013 - 02:59 PM
Two is Better Than One

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Twins (noun): either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other; counterpart. 

These brothers and sisters share an impossible to understand, unbreakable bond. You may not be able to see it, but these twins sure can feel it. 

I was fortunate enough to catch up with two sets of twins, fraternal boys and girls who gave me an inside look into their worlds’; where living with your best friend is their every day reality.

Fraternal twin girls Allie and Renae Martin were born on August 6, 1989 and currently live in King of Prussia, Pa. 

At the age of 23, these girls graduated from Elizabethtown College almost a year ago, and are currently out in the working world, making their way to the top.

While at Elizabethtown, the girls lived together, and essentially, did almost everything by one another’s side. 

With Renae being only eight minutes older than her sister, it is clear that to these girls those eight minutes mean nothing compared to their lifelong bond and time spent together.

Do you think that you get along better now as sisters and as twins or did you get along better when you were younger?

ALLIE: I think we get along better now. Especially in the last year, year and a half, our friendship and "sisterhood" was really tested and now we are closer than ever.

RENAE: We get a long much better now than when we were younger. I’d say because we can relate to one another better now that we are older. We go through the same struggles and communicate about our problems. It took a few years for us to get where we are today, in being able to actually listen to one another.

How do you feel that you and your sister are similar, and how do you think you are different from one another?

ALLIE: I think we are similar in the way we like to go out and meet new people and have a good time. We both also can get very "protective" over the other. So if someone starts talking badly about the other we both get angry and start sticking up for the other even if we know they are wrong. It’s like automatic for us to do that. I'd say we are different in our personalities the most. Renae is more outgoing and more confident than I am, whereas I am calmer and more laid back.

RENAE: We are more different than similar, which I believe is what makes us so close. We have different styles and different plans for our future, but overall we have the same outlook on life. Allie is more laid back, and enjoys life at a slow pace. I am always on the go, and more social. Allie will like one thing and I like the total opposite. 

I'd say we are different in our personalities... Renae is more outgoing and more confident than I am, whereas I am calmer and more laid back.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to not be a twin?

ALLIE: I use to think about not having a twin a lot, but now I couldn’t imagine life without Renae. She is my soul mate, I know without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So thinking about not being twins is impossible now.

RENAE: I can’t imagine not having a twin. It would be like losing a part of my personality. Not only is she my twin, she is my best friend. Having a twin is unlike any friend relationship. It’s a bond between us that can never be broken no matter what.

What is one of the things you love the most about your twin sister?

ALLIE: The thing I love most about Renae is the way she walks into a room and commands all attention on her. It’s like walking in with a superstar almost, and she let’s some of it go to her head, but she always "drags" me into the attention and light letting people know that she isn't alone in the spotlight. Most people just let that go to their head but Renae doesn’t, she always remembers me.

RENAE: I always know Allie has my back, and I know no matter what we go through in life we will always have one another’s back. We could be a million miles apart and we still know when the other is in need or help with out even talking to one another, she brings out the best in me.


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