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Jul 10, 201305:50 PMCity Beat

The Villa Grand Opening

Jul 10, 2013 - 05:50 PM
The Villa Grand Opening














If you were in the Capital City Mall Saturday, June 29th, you probably realized something was different. Maybe you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you knew something in the atmosphere changed. Down at the end of the mall tucked neatly between Color Me Mine and the Men’s Wearhouse is a new kind of environment. You could hear it before you reached it.

Brightly colored balloons seemed to dance as 93.5’s latest hits flowed from speakers inside of Capital City Mall’s newest addition, The Villa (formally known as Sneaker Villa). Music, food, and laughter filled the otherwise calm end of the mall. Dozens of customers gathered inside The Villa to celebrate the store’s grand opening.

“We want people to know we’re here,” said store manager (York branch) Noel Cintron. “Having a Villa on the other side of the river is a big deal. People are anticipating the release of new shoes and great sales.”

Tables decorated with sales signs and sneakers lined the back of the store. Children laughed and danced to music as parents fished through the seemingly endless sales. The Buy One, Get one for $1 signs created an instant rush for customers anxious to receive a great deal. Food and bowls of candy provided an escape for hungry shoppers looking to relax and enjoy the event.

Whether you needed a break from a hectic work week or a much needed shopping spree, The Villa invited everyone to take part in the celebration.

A sense of community becomes evident as soon as you walk into the store. Educate, Empower, and Original are just a few of the words stamped on the walls to reminds customers that The Villa is much more than a sneaker and clothing store.

“We believe in giving back,” said Cintron. “Personally, I know that when there are people giving back, you know they care. As a company, we try to reach out to organizations to get involved in youth development, neighborhood cleanups, and education.”

Students are encouraged to come to The Villa to do school projects, write essays, and more at no cost. Sleek silver Apple desktops sit in an area called “The Lounge” and are available for anyone to use.

Marketing Coordinator Adrian Gonzalez explained The Villa’s lounge started a few years back in an attempt to keep the youth motivated in education. “The Lounge” provides a fun, stress-free learning environment for students to feel safe.

“[Students] can do their homework, research, or anything else they need to do,” said Gonzalez.

The company’s focus on education is clear; it is the key to success. According to the company’s website, The Villa provides strong support for programs and organizations with a focus to ensure “that the teens in our communities are able to tap into the power of education”.

The company prides itself in being a place where everyone has access to the latest clothing, sneakers, and technology. This idea of a “New Age Barbershop” (as it is nicknamed on the company’s website) is an environment created for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to discuss sports, politics, or education, the invitation is open for all to take advantage of.

“Barbershops are where everyone comes to hang out,” said Gonzalez. “That’s what we bring.”

The Villa is not just a clothing and shoe store or a hangout spot; it’s a company striving to improve our economy. According to the company’s website, The Villa provides “professional development” opportunities for youth through employment training and hiring, company scholarships, and mentoring programs.

It is clear The Villa wants to do more than improve your out of date clothing and shoes, they want to improve the community, education opportunities, and the environment.

Want to get involved? You can email jtm@ruvilla.com, join the company’s Facebook page, (Facebook.com/Villa) or follow them on Twitter (Twitter.com/RUVILLA) and Instagram (Instagram.com/RUVILLA) to find out what opportunities are available.

Don’t have access to the internet? Visit your local Villa!

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