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Jul 13, 201512:00 AMCulture

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July 2015


SpoofNotes: Les Misérables

People love Les Misérables because of its emotional depth and variety of themes, but most have encountered some version of the narrative other than the original 950-page monster written by Victor Hugo. What gems does Hugo’s text contain which adaptations have tossed aside? Fortunately, I’ve done the research for you; in the spirit of American culture – our value for the “original” anything and our short attention spans – I’ve read the first and last pages, and I’m ready to answer all your questions.

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SpoofNotes: Ulysses


SpoofNotes: Ulysses

In literature class, you have to learn one of two skills: literary analysis or making stuff up. Learn everything you need to know about the books you were supposed to read from an expert who hasn’t read them either! Coming this month, exclusive to harrisburgmagazine.com, the new web column “SpoofNotes” by Dallas Saylor.

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