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Jun 21, 201609:18 AMCulture

Fun and Culture in the Mid-State

Trendfest '16

Jun 21, 2016 - 09:18 AM
Trendfest '16

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Not every live music performance gets me excited to attend, but Trendfest '16 was calling my name.

Trending pop artists? I’m all over it. This years lineup for the mini-festival held in Hershey included Shawn Hook, Nathan Sykes, Daya, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez and Charlie Puth.

I was honestly surprised when I had to admit that I didn’t know all of the artists, but a quick google search of each name confirmed that I had indeed heard music from every artist but one – they’re the industries up and comers.

Shawn Hook, made famous by his hit single, The Sound Of Your Heart, performed first, and this guy has some pipes. It was just him and his piano, so when he first came out, I was curious as to how he was going to fill such a big room with sound. It wasn’t a problem though; everyone stayed generally quiet while focusing on him. His single was the only song I recognized, and other than that, I don’t think much stood out, but his voice and his piano playing skills sounded great together.

Daya came out next, and she was who I was most excited for. I love Don’t Let Me Down, a song released earlier this year, and her hit Hideaway always got me singing along. She came out wearing a baggy oversized shirt and a ball-cap hat, which I was 100-percent sure she was going to take off to sing, but she wore it the whole entire time. That I got over though. What I couldn’t get over was how unenthused she seemed to be on stage. She was up there, living her dream, singing to thousands of people but couldn’t seem to force a smile even if she wanted to. I don’t know if it was because she was uncomfortable or because she was having a bad day. Hopefully she finds what works for her soon.

Next was Nathan Sykes, the only artist I hadn’t heard before. I was looking forward to seeing what his music was like. He sang very well and looked like he was having fun on stage. He performed a cover of Shawn Mendes’s Stitches, which he changed quite a bit by slowing it down to a slow beat.

Melanie Martinez has been making her way into many music charts after being discovered on The Voice in 2013. Her hits have included Cry Baby and my favorite Pity Party. I was hoping she would stick to the “cute-girl" aesthetic that she portrays in her music videos while live on stage, and she did. Her props included oversized building blocks, and she wore what looked like a dolls dress with white socks. She also danced and moved around in a doll-like fashion.  I could have been entertained by this small detail of the performance alone, but she also sang well, looked happy and the audience sang along to majority of her songs. She’s one to keep an eye on as she continues building her musical career.

Troye Sivan followed with a big performance, and it seemed like most people were there to see him. Openly gay, Troye gave a short speech between songs about the tragedy in Orlando and encouraged everyone to fill their heart with love and acceptance rather than hate. His set was fun to watch, and he improvised some dance moves. Most of his songs were new to me, but they were entertaining, and his voice alone could have kept my attention. I would see him again if the opportunity came up.

Last to the stage at Trendfest '16 was Charlie Puth, the 24-year-old pop star who has been creating quite the buzz lately by working with popular musicians, such as Wiz Khalifa and Megan Trainor. He has recently released hits such as Marvin Gaye and One Call Away, both songs charting on the Top 100. His whole performance was done with remnants of pie filing on his face – he had apparently lost a bet to one of the festivals hosts whose prize was to throw a pie in Charlie's face in front of everyone before he performed. He sang a number of his well-known songs accompanied by piano, which he played. He’s a good musician, and his songs are upbeat and catchy. I can see why he’s doing so well in the music industry. By the next Trendfest, I have no doubt Charlie Puth will have a new list of musical accomplishments under his belt.

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