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Mar 27, 201511:33 AMCulture

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Local Author Spotlight

Mar 27, 2015 - 11:33 AM
Local Author Spotlight

Local author Michele Mitchell is thriving in her career as a writer of urban Christian novels. Writing novels was not always something she saw herself doing, but she has always had a deep love for the entertainment industry.  Locally, she has been involved in various media outlets including working as a radio personality, having a small role in an independent film, writing poetry and composing songs.


After being involved in all of those positions earlier in her life, she recently made the transition to writing fictional novels a little over a year ago. In that short time, she has published four novels:  She Ain’t Me, She Ain’t Me 2, Choose Wisely and Choose Wisely 2.  She is working on her fifth novel The Pastor’s Faith.  Through her transition to becoming an author, the support from the community has helped her blossom and sell both digital and print versions of her novels. Mitchell hopes that many people will relate to and learn from her novels and she hopes that her stories touch the hearts of all of her readers.


This month, Harrisburg Magazine is spotlighting this local author with a Q&A session. Check out the full Q&A below to find out more about this author's journey and more that is to come for her.


How did you begin writing?


I prayed to God one night and asked him what I should be doing. A few months later he put my first novel She Ain’t Me in my heart.


Did you intend to become an author or did you have a specific reason or reasons for writing?


I didn’t know I could write novels. I always wrote poetry and songs. I think once my daughter told me she wanted to be an actress a flame was lit within me to go after my own dreams and also help her achieve hers.


What type of writing do you like do?


I write fiction novels.

Briefly tell readers about your most recent books/series.


I have two series out now:  She Ain’t Me and Choose Wisely. I have done both of their sequels and am now working on my 5th novel titled The Pastor’s Faith.


What inspired you to write your first novel?


What inspired me to write my first novel was God and my daughter. I believe he worked through her to get me to see that it’s never too late to go after your dreams.


Where did you pull the inspiration for the storyline of your first novel?

My storyline for my first novel She Ain’t Me was inspired by parts of my life and others around me. I was going down the wrong road and God helped me see that by again putting She Ain’t Me in my heart.


So far, what has been your biggest challenge as an author?


My biggest challenge as an author is writing when I’m stressed. I tend to shut down and my creative juices just won’t flow. I’m trying to work on that as we speak.


What has been your biggest accomplishment?


My biggest accomplishment hasn’t happened yet.  My 5th novel The Pastor’s Faith will be published by me. And that will be my biggest accomplishment thus far.


As a local author, how has the feedback and support been from the community?


The feedback has been wonderful from my community. I am so thankful for each and every person who has shown support for me and my work. 717 stand up!

How can readers get a hold of your published books?


Readers can purchase my books through me or on Amazon.com. I have She Ain’t Me 1&2 and Choose Wisely 1&2. The Pastor’s Faith will be coming soon.


Do you have any upcoming events or news that you’d like to share with readers?


Yes, I have my first book signing at Rookies Sports Bar & Grill from 6 p.m. to 9p.m. It’s invite only but if they mention this interview they are more than welcome at the door. With the help and support of my family, friends and local business Duck's Auto, my first book signing should be a success.



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