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Oct 21, 201310:31 AMFood & Dining

Tasty Tidbits and Food For Thought

Big Interesting Food, S.1,E.3

Oct 21, 2013 - 10:31 AM
Big Interesting Food, S.1,E.3

In the realm of amateur home-based culinary excursions, it's important to keep in mind that raw pumpkin does not taste like you think it will and designated drivers are not needed when drinking at home.  (Warning: Adult supervision and responsible decision-making is always wise when wielding knives, operating ovens/stovetops and not leaving a giant mess of dishes for the following day.)


In celebration of the creepiest, spookiest, scariest, screamiest, most terrifying, ghost-filled, monster-packed, gleefully gruesome time of year, this third installment of Big Interesting Food (BIF) is dedicated to Halloween in all its fiendishly frightening glory.  So, to mark the occasion of All Hallow's Eve, the BIF team has created a veritable buffet of spine-chilling delicacies – Jack-O'-Lantern Guacamole, Eyeball Pizza, Vampire Bat Bloody Mary, Pumpkin Bomb and Ouija Board Cake.

Jack-O'-Lantern Guacamole

It's your basic guacamole and tortilla chips dish with the twist of making it appear as if the chunky green avocado concoction may have been delivered via a Jack-O'-Lantern's mouth.  Carving the pumpkin is messy work, but the real skill comes with getting the guacamole ingredients just right and making sure the avocados are not too hard nor too soft.  The blue tortilla corn chips add an extra spark of color.

1 medium to small pumpkin

1 bag of blue corn tortilla chips

3 ripe avocados (pitted, peeled and mashed with a fork)

1 ripe tomato (diced)

1/2 red onion (diced)

1 tablespoon of garlic (minced)

1 lime (juiced)

1 teaspoon of coarse sea salt

1 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro (optional depending on if you like the taste or not)


Pumpkin Bomb

There are few drink combinations more exciting than dropping a shot glass filled with a tasty mixture of alcohols into a half-pint of beer.  Drink it fast to get the full flavor and experience.  The pumpkin beer coupled with the sweetness of the Irish cream and the cinnamon schnapps literally washes Halloween across your palate.

1/2 pint of your favorite pumpkin beer

1/2 shot cinnamon schnapps

1/2 shot Irish cream


Eyeball Pizza

There are a variety of ingredients you can use to create an eyeball pizza.  We chose ham, bacon, black olives and red pepper as toppings to form the eyeball appearance, but as you can "see," ours did not turn out all that well.  It did however taste far better than it "looked."  So "watch" out that you have a good "vision" of cooking preparation.  Those were eye puns, in case you were wondering...     

1 pizza dough tube

1 jar of pizza sauce

2 8-ounce bags of shredded mozzarella or pizza blend

1/2 pound bacon (cooked and chopped)

1/2 pound ham (cooked and chopped)

1 small container of diced black olives

1 red pepper


Vampire Bat Bloody Mary

What's scarier than saying "Bloody Mary" three times in front a mirror in the dark?  Well, nothing really because that is pretty damn creepy – even as an adult, it cause a few chills.  So, instead of chanting to your bathroom mirror in the pitch dark, make yourself a deliciously tomato-y cocktail.  The Vampire Bat Bloody Mary includes a pickle-salami-crafted bat garnish to add a little extra flavor and/or fright to this classic (morning, afternoon or evening) drink.

4 ounces tomato juice

2 ounces vodka

1/2 lemon (squeezed)

1 dash of Worcestershire sauce

1 dash of hot sauce

1 sprinkle of celery salt

1 sprinkle of pepper

1 gherkin pickle

2 slices salami

1 toothpick


Ouija Board Cake

By far the most spine-chilling board game of all time.  Actually, it's not really a game at all – there is no competition or strategy.  The purpose is to get a ghost to communicate with you and your friends.  I suppose winning at Ouija occurs by making contact with a spirit, which according to Hollywood may or may not result in a terrifying bought of ghostly possession.  So, in honor of the creepiest of all board games, we baked a cake.  It's a straight-forward two-layer cake recipe with white icing and cherry filling in the middle.  The secret, however, is to have an artist draw the black icing letters, or at the very least, the friend who has been drinking the least amount of Pumpkin Bombs and Vampire Bat Bloody Marys.

2 boxes of white or yellow cake mix

1 jar of cherry filling

3 containers of white icing

1-2 tubes black icing

1 steady hand


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