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Aug 9, 201202:31 PMHomes & Gardens

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A Stitch In Time

Aug 9, 2012 - 02:31 PM

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In addition to stenciling walls and ceilings, the Klines added detailed tin cornice molding in the formal dining room and crystal chandeliers for finishing Victorian touches.

VICTORIAN STYLE... In the Victorian era, the parlor and dining room set the tone for the home. Here, Kelly keeps with tradition, setting the table with sparkling, rich cut stemware and china on the table. In the parlor, the chandelier sets off detailed stencils on the ceiling.

Throughout the home, the Klines have decorated with the very carpets they manufacture in their southern York County factory, the colors laying a foundation for Kelly’s decorating. Heirloom Weavers produces 20 patterns of ingrain carpet as well as stair runner patterns, spanning a period from the 1700s to the 1920s, the carpets in the Kline house being right at home among their furnishings from various eras.

Outside, lush English cottage-inspired gardens weave their own tapestry, encompassing the grounds which, at one time, had been two separate lots.

The Klines have nurtured the gardens into various vignettes, including spaces for statuary, arbors and several sitting areas, which Pat says is an ongoing project. Here again, he credits Kelly’s eye for detail in fleshing out the spaces, adding bits of memorabilia and whimsy into the scene, making the gardens an enjoyable respite from the six-day work weeks.

Even after 10 years of living here, the Klines say they are still inspired to find just the right item to add to their collections. “We don’t have any particular rules,” Pat says. “We just know what we like.”

To learn more about the historical work of Family Heirloom Weavers, visit familyheirloomweavers.com.

SECRET GARDEN... The Kline’s home has one of the few detached garages in historic Marietta, the backdrop for climbing vines and Grecian statuary, while the contemporary patio is a backdrop for Pat and Kelly’s down time on summer evenings.

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