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30 Amazingly Adventurous and Fantastically Fun Things To Do In The Midstate

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10» A Tour of the Golden Bubbly

Brew, draft, suds, brewskie, cerveza, a cold one – no matter how you say it, there’s nothing quite like everyone’s favorite carbonated combo of hops, malted barely, yeast and water. Luckily for those who love to imbibe, the midstate is rich with many amazing breweries and brewpubs in which to explore. Just be sure to designate a driver.

»Appalachian Brewing Company

50 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg

abcbrew.com, (717) 221-1080

»Bube’s Brewery

102 N. Market Street, Mount Joy

bubesbrewery.com, (717) 653-2056

»Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

781 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster


(717) 291-9800

»JoBoy’s Brew Pub

31 S. Main Street, Manheim

joboysbrewpub.com, (717) 664-5402

»Lancaster Brewing Company

302 N. Plum Street, Lancaster


(717) 391-6258

»Liquid Hero Brewery

50 E. North Street, York

liquidhero.com, (717) 814-9250

»Mudhook Brewing Company

34 N. Cherry Lane, York


(717) 747-3605

»Spring House Brewing Company’s The Taproom, 25 W. King Street, Lancaster, springhousebeer.com,

(717) 399-4009

»Tröeg’s Brewing Company

200 Hersheypark Drive, Hershey

troegs.com, (717) 534-1297

11»  the Land of Sweets

Cookies, candies, cakes, chocolates, pies, cupcakes, pastries, doughnuts, cannoli and scones – there truly are few better places for sampling sweets than the midstate. A little sugary overindulgence is almost a rite of passage in the land where Hershey and Wilbur Chocolate Company are within driving distance. So, why not take a tour of all that is sweet?

»Alvaro Bread and Pastry Shoppe

236 Peffer Street, Harrisburg

alvarobread.com, (717) 238-1999

»Ciao! Bakery

31 S. Third Street, Harrisburg

briccopa.com, (717) 724-0236

»Hershey’s Chocolate World

251 Park Boulevard, Hershey


(717) 534-4900

»The Pennsylvania Bakery

1713 Market Street, Camp Hill

pabakery.com, (717) 763-7755

»Providence Divine Cakes & Pastries, 2515 S. Queen Street, York

providencedivinecakesandpasteries.com, (717) 741-0120

»La Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery

9 N. Duke Street, Lancaster


(717) 239-5101

»Wilbur Chocolate Company

401 W. Lincoln Avenue, Litiz

wilburbuds.com, (717) 626-3249


12» A Potentially Valuable Piece of the Past


America seems to be absolutely fascinated by antiques and collectibles. Just take a look around the cable dial; there’s Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers, Storage Wars, Oddities, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings, Pawn Stars – it really goes on and on. And what’s not to like? It’s got it all: mystery, finance, nostalgia, history, hidden treasure, unique characters and the chance to strike it rich. So, get out there and find that “diamond” in the rough at one of the many antique and collectible havens in the midstate.

»Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne

415 Bosler Avenue, Lemoyne

antiquemarketplaceoflemoyne.com, (717) 761-2865

»Bedford Street Antiques

44 N. Bedford Street, Carlisle


(717) 241-5309

»The Old Sled Works

722 N. Market Street, Duncannon

sledworks.com, (717) 834-9333

13» Celebrating Summer

Nothing says summer quite like an outdoor festival – the sun, the fun, the art, the live entertainment, the history, the tradition, the people and the kaleidoscope of food. The good news for festival lovers is that there is a celebration somewhere in Central Pa. practically every weekend this summer.

»Foundry Day Arts & Crafts Festival, Boiling Springs (June 1)


»Furry Fun Days, 
Shippensburg (June 1 through 2)


»Lancaster Liederkranz Sommerfest (June 7 through 8)


»Gettysburg Festival 
(June 8 through 16)


»Historic Old Annville Day 
(June 8) fooa.org

»Jubilee Day, 
Mechanicsburg (June 20)


»Carlisle Summerfair 
(June 27 through July 6)


»Celebrate Lancaster (June 28)


»Fourth of July Celebration & Wine Village, Harrisburg (July 4 through 5)


»Dauphin County Cultural Fest, Harrisburg (August 2)

»Kipona Wine Art and Blues Festival, Harrisburg 
(August 31 through September 2)


14» Swift Rapids and River Monsters

Without a doubt, adventure can be found while floating atop in a kayak or dropping a fishing line into the mighty Susquehanna River as well as any of the region’s numerous creeks. Whether you’re looking for some swift rapids or one of the midstate’s very own flathead-catfish river monsters, watery fun and excitement can be found with the help of an area guide or outfitter.

»Blue Mountain Outfitters, Marysville


(717) 957-2413

»Koinonia Guide Service


(717) 805-7082

»Shank’s Mare, Wrightsville


(717) 252-1616

»Susquehanna Fly &

Spin Guide Services


(717) 540-5379

»Susquehanna Outfitters, Harrisburg, susquehannaoutfitters.com, (717) 503-0066

»Susquehanna River Fishing Guide Service


(717) 324-5769

15» Betting on the Whims of Fate

It’s really all about that quick moment, no longer than a few heart beats, of absolute thrill. It comes just after the bets have been placed, the cards dealt, the dice rolled and the wheels spun, when the dream of riches – or even just a few dollars – balance on the whims of fate. Sure, winning feels amazing, but that spike of fun is what makes an afternoon or evening spent at a casino so exciting.

»Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course

777 Hollywood Boulevard, Grantville

hollywoodpnrc.com, (717) 469-2211

16» Unleashing Your Inner Chuck Norris

Who hasn’t dreamed of letting loose a flurry of high-flying kicks, devastating punches, brutal blocks, crippling chops and more than a few moves seen in a Bruce Lee flick? So why not learn a martial art or form of self defense this summer? In just about every midstate town and city, there are more than enough dojos and studios to allow your inner Chuck Norris to emerge feet and fists first.

»There are literally hundreds of professional places to learn just about any martial arts discipline – from karate to kickboxing. Check your local Google listings.

17» Dropping to the Earth

There are few activities more exhilarating than flying high above the earth among the clouds in an airplane. The expanse of the scenery below set against the euphoric limitlessness of flight provides an experience like no other. So, how do you top that? Opening the door of the plane, mid-flight, and dashing yourself out into free fall with a parachute strapped to your back, of course. The rush of hurtling toward the earth at 120 mph is enough to make even the most daring adventurers tremble with the aftershocks of adrenaline.

»Chambersburg Skydiving Center

506 Airport Road, Chambersburg

skydivingcenter.net, (800) 526-3497

»Maytown Sport Parachute Club

188 Airport Road, Marietta

maytownparachute.bizland.com, (717) 653-0422

18» A Tribute to the Horseless Carriage

For classic car enthusiasts, the midstate is arguably the greatest place on earth to see and to celebrate the horseless carriage. With 17 seasonal events (11 of which are held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds), Carlisle Events, by itself, is one of the world’s largest presenters of collector car, truck and motorcycle entertainment. Then there’s the Antique Auto Museum at Hershey, which has been recognized as one of the top 16 automotive museums in the world.

»Antique Auto Museum at Hershey, AACA Museum

161 Museum Drive, Hershey

aacamuseum.org, (717) 566-7100

»Carlisle Events

carsatcarlisle.com, (717) 243-7855

19» Into the Water-Carved Darkness

An eons-old journey through time, long before the earliest records of mankind, can be had by entering the complete darkness of one of several caves in the midstate. With stalagmites as well as stalactites around every winding passageway and beautifully random water-carved rock room, caves provide hours of wonderment – not to mention the welcomed cool temperatures on a steamy summer day.

»Crystal Cave Park

963 Crystal Cave Road, Kutztown

crystalcavepa.com, (610) 683-6765

»Indian Echo Caverns

368 Middletown Road, Hummelstown


(717) 566-8131

»Penn’s Cave

222 Penn’s Cave Road, Centre Hall

pennscave.com, (814) 364-1664

»For a real caving experience, check out York Grotto, a chapter of the National Speleological Society, at yorkgrotto.org.

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