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Feb 23, 201509:21 AMSnob in the City

Wardrobe Mashup

Feb 23, 2015 - 09:21 AM
Wardrobe Mashup

As the snow falls and the wind howls I can’t stop thinking about when warmer weather will arrive. As I take a look in my closet, there is a sea of blacks, brown and army greens and nothing that remotely reminds me of spring. I miss wearing my neons and bright colors, and since Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, I knew that I would not be changing my wardrobe anytime soon.

This has me thinking: who says you can’t wear neon in the winter? I thought of all of the ways to accessorize my blacks, browns and army greens and a bright color is just the way to liven it up. For example, black goes with virtually everything. Tans and browns pair really well with pink, and you can add a pop of neon green with your favorite army green cargo pants. Throw on some electric blue pumps with your favorite red dress.

Fashion is all about risk tasking and breaking the rules. The seasonal rules of wearing whites after Labor Day and only wearing florals for the spring and summer are a thing of the past. Let’s add neon to that list. Your earrings, shoes and even lipstick are great ways to bring in the spring early.

I wouldn’t go in neon overload – just yet. However, if you have some spare time during the weekend, pull out your summer wardrobe. See if you have anything that you could translate into your winter wardrobe, because it might be a little hard to find neon in stores right now. Black and white and a pop of neon will always be in style. 

In each of these pictures, it was easy to add these brightly colored pieces to brighten up these winter looks.  A simple brightly colored purse or neon pink necklace can revitalize your winter drab into summer fab without looking out of season.

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