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Jan 9, 201508:38 AMSnob in the City

Snob in the City

Jan 9, 2015 - 08:38 AM
Snob in the City

Hey! I am Dimitra – owner of the super cute, hip and trendy shop in midtown: Urban Snob!


What’s my favorite part of owning a boutique? SHOPPING! That was a no brainer, right? I am so in love with choosing which items to display in the store. You would think that it would be super easy to just pick a cute top or handbag, but it’s not. So much thought and research goes into this process. I’m constantly trying to stand out from the major department stores and bring you things you can’t find in the mall.  When you come to Urban Snob, I want you to find something that you wouldn’t necessarily see anywhere but here. My friends make fun of me because I will notoriously talk to pretty much everybody, so I want the pieces that I choose to reflect that part of my personality. I want the items that you buy to provoke conversation. I get joy when I hear all of the stories that my customers share about the compliments they get on their purchases.  They feel good, and it makes me feel good, too.

Now follow me as I take you on the hunt to find affordable, fashionable items to offer Central Pa. I’ve traveled from New York to Los Angeles to find elite merchandise. I have blended in with the New York rat race and have taken the subway, walked blocks and blocks and blocks in the rain and snow to make sure that I have the latest goods for my customers. On one of my excursions, I discovered AccessoriesTheShow, a tradeshow for designers and retailers. To my delight, this was such a different shopping experience than simply crossing my fingers and hoping Mother Nature cooperated on shopping day. This event is not open to the public, but with the proper credentials you receive a badge like you are part of the Secret Service with exclusive access to the all the latest fashion.


I couldn’t believe that so many designers were all in one place! There were so many options and brands to choose from. From Alexander McQueen to Steve Madden, I got a front row seat to see next season’s trends and be able to offer them exclusively to you. Walking in each booth was like walking into a mini store, but instead of choosing an outfit for yourself, you are choosing for a mass of women. I feel a thrill and get overwhelmed with all of the choices, and then I have to collect myself and narrow down which items will be a good fit for the Harrisburg fashionista. It would be nice to be able to offer the latest Diane von Furstenberg dress, but I have to choose the best quality and make sure that it is reasonably priced – I’ve found that’s the balance my customers are most drawn to.


For my Urban Snob girls, I will continue to explore the concrete jungle of NYC or fly to the West Coast to bring you the laid back vibe of LA so you guys will have ultra-exclusive merchandise to choose from. Next time you stop into Urban Snob, remember that each piece of merchandise was selectively chosen just for you.


I’m writing this from the plane – got to go on the hunt for more amazing finds. Until next time, stay snobby!


Snob In The City,


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About This Blog

Dimitra Diggs, is the owner of Urban Snob, a trendy boutique located in Midtown Harrisburg. Since opening in 2012, Diggs has been offering unique and exclusive merchandise to Harrisburg residents. Urban Snob has also participated in local community events and programs. It is just as important to her to give back to the community in which she is apart of.

In her blog, Snob in the City, Dimitra explores everything from street style to home décor through the lens of a small town girl with big city dreams.

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