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Aug 25, 201408:53 AMThe Girl in the Jean Jacket

How to Rework Your Favorite Plaid Shirt

Aug 25, 2014 - 08:53 AM
How to Rework Your Favorite Plaid Shirt

Men's photos by Gabrielle, and women's photos by Britany Ziegenhagen

Let’s face it. It is very easy to throw your favorite plaid button-up shirt around your waist and call it “fashionable.” We all know the plaid shirt is the perfect addition to your laid-back style.

However, over the years the famous striped pattern has become more versatile and can be rocked at any casual or semi-formal event. If you have a favorite plaid shirt like I do, you are probably worried that you wear it far too often, because your love for it is unreal.  You might also feel clueless as to how to pair that top with anything beyond your favorite pair of jeans.

Have no fear. Here are a few simple solutions to help you rock your best plaid button-down without looking like an “Outfit Repeater” as Kate Sanders from The Lizzie McGuire Movie would say.

Wear plaid. Stay Happy.



This is for the trendy go-getter.

 Ladies:  Recently, you have probably seen girls rocking the “boyish style”, buttoned up to the last button and accessorized with your favorite statement necklace. My favorite accessories are anything gold. This gold chain peaking out from the collar makes the outfit a little more urban chic without taking away from the shirt.

 Gentlemen: Cuff those jeans, roll up the sleeves and rock it with your favorite pair of leather brogues or loafers.



Take your inner city style and make it more suburban.

Throw on your favorite comfy sweater on top of the plaid shirt. Pair it with your favorite jeans or pants.



Step it up a notch.

Add a blazer or jacket of some sort for a business casual look. The contrast in colors is sure to make the whole outfit pop. Accessorize with a necklace and a watch.

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Aug 25, 2014 10:35 am
 Posted by  Carmen

Love the plaid ideas and the photos! Super cool

Aug 25, 2014 05:07 pm
 Posted by  Divanihsta

I love the creative way you used plaid in these combinations, the proportions of plaid to blazer and leisure suit jacket is on point and perfect for semi/casual events. Love, Love, Love It top to bottom you have a very good eye.

Aug 25, 2014 06:33 pm
 Posted by  Kitchers

Rockin it. Love the versatility!

Aug 25, 2014 07:58 pm
 Posted by  greandkel01

Love the ideas for fall. Love plaid and jeans on guys

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