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Oct 30, 201409:17 AMThe Girl in the Jean Jacket

Blend Your Vintage Style With Your Modern Home

Oct 30, 2014 - 09:17 AM
Blend Your Vintage Style With Your Modern Home

I have always loved vintage hunting. When I was in high school my friends and I would spend hours at the local Salvation Army hunting through racks and racks of clothing on half-off family Wednesdays. I would come home with bags and bags of merchandise. Now that I’m older, my vintage shopping motives have changed a bit. Instead of hunting down that hilarious Hanson t-shirt that I spent a week searching for (true story), I spend most of my vintage shopping time looking for re-vamp projects in the home décor section. Recently, I discovered I have a huge obsession for old school bar carts, and when I find cocktail glasses from the 1920s all bets are off.  I can literally spend hours in the glassware section.


We all have vintage pieces or favorite décor placed around our house and sometimes it’s hard to find a way for it all to go together. I have a few tips to help you make your home feel more put together and conjoined. You can incorporate different styles and make it unique, creative and totally “you” without looking like a total DIY project straight from Pinterest. After all, a home is a reflection of the person who lives in it so you should make it good.


First, de-clutter your life. Seriously, you will be amazed at how much a difference simplifying your things will makes your home feel. Clean out those junk drawers, take unnecessary things off your counter tops, and de-clutter!


Next, make some purchases.


What to Buy Vintage:

Snag accent pieces and statement arm chairs that can be re-upholstered, since older chairs are usually well-crafted. You will be shocked at what some new fabric can do for an old silhouette. Reupholster advice: keep the pattern consistent. If you already have patterned furniture (i.e. a couch) pick a solid velvet or a pile fabric for your new piece. This adds definition to the chair without screaming, “Hey, I clash with the rest of the furniture.” If you have a consistent color pallet and solid colored furniture in your home, pick a print fabric that will pop. Make that accent chair eccentric.


Save & Recycle:

Don’t throw away a good piece of furniture because you don’t think it fits in with your home anymore. There are plenty of things you can do to make it look like a whole different piece of furniture. Surf your local flea market, Salvation Army or Goodwill for accent pieces. Repurpose pieces in a way that they weren't originally intended. Change the hardware on a buffect, paint it and show it off as a new bar cart -- then go spend time in the vintage glassware section. You’ll thank me later.


Tips on How to Infuse Your Styles:

  • ·      Throw a modernized patterned blanket on a vintage chair.
  • ·      Paint a vintage mirror solid gold and place it behind your modern bathroom sink, vanity, or nightstand.
  • ·      Accessorize your modern nightstand with a vintage radio or picture frames.
  • ·      Find some old vintage books at a thrift store and place them on your modern coffee table. 
  • ·      Hang different sized random picture frames found out a local thrift shop. Spray paint them all the same color for consistency and flow. Hang at different proportions on the wall.  
  • ·      Collect different glasses – not one the same – and use as your regular kitchen glasses. Mixing and matching can be cool if you do it correctly. Keep the plates, silverware, etc. all matching. 

Keep it classy, keep it cool, Harrisburg.

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