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Sep 24, 201402:36 PMThe Girl in the Jean Jacket

Mom & Dad, Landing A Job In This Generation Is Anything But Easy.

Sep 24, 2014 - 02:36 PM
Mom & Dad, Landing A Job In This Generation Is Anything But Easy.

Welcome to today's job market, where we send out our resumes via email, stalk LinkedIn profiles to maybe – just maybe – get a hold of someone who can get a hold of someone and then climb back under the covers because rejection after rejection is exhausting. The problem is ultimately technology. It's easier to say "no" to an application when it's summited online and entirely impersonal. Landing that interview is the problem. Once you get that interview. Well, you're solid.


I recently moved back to Pennsylvania from Los Angeles in order to be closer to my family and to further my career with the intention of taking a job in fashion design in The Big Apple. It's been difficult, to say the least. Boy, was I in for a wake up call. I found it so hard to regain connections on the opposite end of the country. I applied to company after company, and I maybe received one "I'm sorry we're no longer looking for someone for this position" out of 60 applications I sent out. I have stalked, emailed, called, and still seem to get no response. Even some simple feedback would suffice. Why is it that no one seems to be responding?


All I need is that one interview to show them how awesome I really am, I thought.


"Don't stop knocking on doors,” my mom suggested.


I remember thinking that if I could actually knock on doors, I would probably have a job right now. I started blogging, writing and talking about my experiences as I continued searching. But nothing was happening.  I sent emails to Harrisburg Magazine, and they offered me a position as an online contributor. I wrote a couple pieces and then got hired by Things were finally looking up for me, but I was still working for free. I needed my career to take off. I just need someone to give me a break.

Rejection is hard. I got discouraged, depressed and wanted to completely reconsider my career. I kept looking for my window and nothing was happening for the better.


Until it did.  I was sitting down in my living room writing the introduction to this article when the Rachael Ray Show came on. Rachael’s guest of the day was Nate Berkus., the interior designer, author and TV personality. I forgot how much I loved him. I immediately stopped writing and went to his website. He was looking for an intern! I applied. Within the next two minutes, I received an email back from his personal assistant.


No way, I thought. It could not be that easy after everything I’ve been through. My mom was even confused. She thought it was an automatic response. It wasn’t. It was his personal assistant trying to schedule an interview with me. I stopped. My mouth began to water as the tears rolled down my face.


We had a 30 minute Skype interview and it went really well. But then there was the wait. A full week went by before I finally received the “Congratulations! We would like to offer you the internship” email. 


Everyone goes through the post college awkward phase. It's completely normal. I spent a full year in Pennsylvania searching for answers. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where am I going? Well, Here I am. The girl who went to school in Los Angeles, moved home to Pennsylvania, and is now moving to Chicago…effective immediately.


The point is: make it happen, do what you love, and don’t stop until you’re successful. If you keep running, you will eventually get there. See you later Pennsylvania. Until then, I will be blogging from the windy city as the official studio design intern of Nate Berkus. 

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